The crime is now increasing more and more, and it is time that someone is able to provide in the hands of justice every single criminal: this is the purpose of the Criminal Case, online game that allows anyone to be able to assume the role of a detective and arrest every single criminal.

You would start with the investigations

Entering the game, the first thing you may notice is that the screen is divided into the scene of the crime: every single case is characterized by multiple scenarios, which make the cases very real. The first of these, obviously, will be the scene of the murder, where, with much probability it may be the body of the victim lying on the ground.

What do you do in this game?
Simply you have to try to find all the objects that appear in the list: combs, mirrors and other objects can therefore be sought in the scene of the crime, and for this you have to have good eyesight, and quick reflexes, since there is also a certain amount of time before the time runs out, forcing therefore the detective to investigate again the scene of the crime.

From found objects to move objects

However, we must not simply find the objects present in the scene of the crime: some levels are in fact completely different from the point of view of game play, and the player’s goal will be to eliminate the pieces of the puzzle from a particular clue, which will allow you to go forward in the investigation, and therefore be able to find out what lies behind a level, with evidence that might suggest who actually committed that murder.

Interrogations and suspects

In the game we must obviously try to find all the useful evidence to indict a suspect: at the end of each level, in fact, the detective virtual will get the clues that enable him to understand, even if not immediately, those who committed the crime, or other criminal acts. Found the clue, the player will be able to begin to formulate his theory: for example, a clue might highlight the fact that the possible culprit is not wearing eyeglasses, or has a scar or something else.

The player, looking at the possible culprits will therefore be able to eliminate those who do not meet certain characteristics.
Not only that, however: it may also happen that both a suspect to explain and provide the player with information on the crime or on evidence, and this could be a further clue that allows him to anticipate the closing of the investigation, formulate the verdict in the case and therefore go on to analyze the next scene of the crime.

The stage of the examination is generally scripted, which follows a script very precise and linear, and therefore the margin of error in this case is minimal, also because before you can indict a suspect the clues will be so many as to eliminate every single doubt that could find a home in the mind of the detective.

How many stars

To pass a level you must, as in most games, to be able to achieve a number of stars, well-determined: typically, to access the next level, or better to say, to be able to gain access to the next scenario, the player must simply be able to attain the star in each scenario.

But as the detective? 
The trick or strategy that should always be applied is to click it fast, and below, on the objects that will appear on the list: proceeding in this way, it will be possible to create a multiplier of scores, which will remain active for only brief fractions of a second. If you find all the objects in record time so the multiplier will be greater, and the same goes for the score, that certainly will not be low, and thanks to it you will get lots of stars.

To avoid the click event on the figures on the screen: this not only ensures that the multiplier vanishes, but it also blocks for a few seconds, the mouse pointer, as a sort of penalty, which does lower the score and also increase the amount of time it takes for the detective to be able to complete the level, another factor to consider if you want to achieve a high score to unlock the star points.

Many cases in the same scenario

When you solve a case, the player will notice that as the number of new cases could not be unlocked: but the reason for which this happens? Unlike what you might think, in fact, friends they are not to blame, that their aid should not be required to unlock the next levels: on the contrary, the detective must return to investigate the scene of the crime, given that the case is not yet solved completely.

In each scenario there is a percentage that indicates the status of the completion of the level: if this, after having arrested the culprit should be a percentage less than one hundred percent, the detective is confronted with the same scenario but with implications that are completely different.

Each level therefore has different culprits, and distinct textures between them, which are however linked in a logical manner.
The detective then must simply continue to investigate and complete a one-hundred percent the case, and only in this way, with her car, will go to solve the next case assigned to him.

The board on the levels

Complete a level to the max, or get all five stars may be a process that requires different time to the detective: this for the simple fact that the levels must be played several times, and the scores required will increase as that increases, as the stars conquered. It does not matter if during a game you do not get the second, third, or the stars subsequent: the score is accumulated, and therefore the third game, missing a few points, the detective will have a greater chance in being able to conquer the star.

There is a strategy , however, which could be used to speed up the conquest of the stars: it consists of playing repeatedly the same level for different times, in such a way that the score you will get will allow the detective to get in a quick stars of the game.
The repeat several times, as long as that is attentive, the same level has a big advantage not to be overlooked: the-mindful of player should allow him to locate objects, and, therefore, to find them immediately, without loss of time, of any kind.

This play, therefore, is synonymous with a lot of points, and therefore the achievement of a star in a quick and convenient manner. Therefore, it is good to play always in the same scenario, so that you can store the position of the objects and at the same time can move to the next scenario, by adopting this type of strategy.

The council on the energy

Each level and the screen have a cost in terms of energy: generally, this is equal to ten units per level, even if the former can request a total energy lower or higher, based, precisely, in the case that you are solving. The detective, therefore, you might end up without energy in a short space of time, especially if you want to be able to resolve your case in a very short time: as you need to do to avoid running out of energy and wait for it to reload automatically? 
As the first thing you must avoid to complete a level when the energy is at maximum and the experience bar is almost full: this is because if you exceed the level, and the energy is full, this will be completely charged, and therefore, the previous one will be completely wasted.

Therefore, you must try to follow the game, or try not to run into this error: when there are a few points to pass the level of experience, and you run out of energy, you must wait for it to load so much just to deal with one scenario, and then play and complete the level, so that the energy has to be reloaded entirely, and can be used without incurring waste.

Buy items such as milk and orange juice will give you energy for the player: when the energy ends, the detective will be able to consume one of these items and recharge the battery, avoiding to fall into the error described before.
Finally, you should always send energy to friends, because they will return: this must be collected when the bar of energy is completely discharged, avoiding also in this case, the unnecessary waste.