Cut The Rope 2 is the exciting sequel to the fun game mobile that has held you glued to the monitor millions of users to the screens of their mobile devices. This second episode introduces new elements to the game as well as new creatures with which to interact. Like its predecessor, is a puzzle game based on the laws of physics in which we will have to cut the ropes to get the candy into the mouth of the cute Om Nom. This time, however, Om Nom can also enlist the help of other monsters called “Nommies” to help him reach the candy. The guide that follows will introduce players to the dynamics of the basic game, providing images and useful tips. Have a good read.

The objective of the game

The stock of candy of our Om Nom has been stolen by evil spiders. He then will start looking at his beloved bon bon, recovering one by one by cutting the ropes that hold it captive to the candy.You will also need to call his new friends, the Nommies, to help you in the situations of the game more difficult.


Om Nom will travel through different scenarios, each composed of different environments. Each scenario contains 20 levels of game play, more levels, unlockable bonus. To switch between the scenarios slide your finger on the main screen.

Game options

To access the “options menu”, tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the title screen. From here you can adjust the volume of the sound and music, watching your successes, and delete the data.

Cut the rope

Almost all of the game levels in Cut The Rope, have a rope to cut to drop, or roll of candy into the mouth of Om Nom. To cut a rope, simply go across the finger on it. It is not necessary to cut every single rope to finish a level, and in fact there are many cases in which it is better not to touch any. To end the candy into the mouth of Om Nom, we have to find the right combination of actions to perform on the screen or find a way to move the character towards it.

Collect the stars

To finish the level you must feed Om Nom with candy, but you also need to collect stars with the yellow very useful to unlock new level packs.

Observe the screen and use the friends

To get the maximum score in a level it is necessary to evaluate the layout of the elements on the screen and, if present, take advantage of the help of other fellow creatures if they are available.

The Nommies

The Nommies are the cute creatures that will help the protagonist in solving the levels.

Lick is a chameleon whose tongue along it can form bridges to reach the candy or the environmental elements such as tree trunks.
Boo scares Om Nom, causing a jump to the top.
Roto is a dragonfly capable of carrying objects of the screen like candy, and even Om Nom himself.
Toss can throw objects upwards, including candy.
Blue is a Nommie self-replicating. Tap on him to make a clone of flash. The clones can stack and lift objects into the air.


The new objects of Cut the Rope 2

Trunks – trunks are often made to swing from ropes. They can be used to move other objects close to them. When they are cut and freed from the ropes they roll and push away any object of their journey (Om Nom included).

Balloons Are used as a means of transport. Once the shape of Om Nom, it will approach to that of the ball he antrerà inside of it. More balloons, the more you have, the higher you will fly. You can burst the balloons once in the top.

Bellows – Press on the bellows to emit a burst of air. This blast pushes away the objects in the area, as well as balloons, and the same Om Nom.

In-App purchases

Power-Ups: the purchase includes balloons, a “candy rain” that causes candy to cascade from the sky, and a firefly that shows you exactly how to get all three stars in any level .

Hats: Om Nom can try on funny hats, including a winter hat, a hat of sheep, and a bandana superhero. The hats do not grant you any skill extra are just for fun.

Extras: You can buy extra if you want to spice up a bit the graphics of the game. For example, you can replace the candy with a fruit, or to activate a strip of bubbles that follows our movement.


Watch video: Some packages level contain movies. Access is possible via the video camera icon on the lower right side of the screen. Keep an eye on them because they are very useful!

Don’t focus too much on the stars – do Not try at all costs to finish the level by getting all the stars in a single shot. You can come back later on the level and try again to get a higher score.

Collect four-leaf clovers – Some levels have four-leaf clovers that Om Nom can collect in addition to the candy. The clovers are particularly difficult to reach, but if you collect, you’ll be able to unlock the secret levels at the bottom of every package of levels.