The magical world of Puzzle Charms is ready to invade Facebook, and give fun to a lot of players who will compete in various levels that are taking place one after the other.

Graphics, sound, and game play

The game, as many of his kind, may soon be labeled as yet another version of Candy Crush, but it is quite different: Puzzle Charms is in fact quite different, starting from the graphics, which has as its protagonist the objects of the magical world such as fairies, hats and many others.
Each of these elements is very colorful and full of detail: despite being a simple game of combinations of shapes, the graphics is very developed, and therefore pleasant to the eyes, especially in the explosive effects of the various combinations. From the point of view of sound , instead, the tune enchanted, and the sounds various are well made, and allow the user to remain in the company of a nice soundtrack once you overcome the various levels of the game.

The game play is easy and intuitive , therefore the aim is to overcome the objectives in the shortest number of moves, get the stars and meet some of the demands that are explicitly indicated from level to level. It is, therefore, a game is truly fun, which will allow fans of the genre to be able to spend many hours in front of the screen from your own computer, obviously trying to test their skills in the game.

Lots of levels and lots of goals

The game levels are really a lot and often the Zynga, famous for the updates, decides to add new ones, in such a way that the players can enjoy more and more. As said before, the aim of the game is simple: each level has an objective that is precise, and it must be brought to an end with the number of moves fixed, because otherwise, the level will have to be repeated, both in the case where the moves end, both in the case where you do not have to complete the objective.

The objectives are different: in any levels, for example, you will have to clear the ladybugs, and this is possible through the elimination of the symbols of the color red. In other levels, instead, you will just have to delete the magical bubble, which can be compared to the jellies Candy Crush, while in others you will have to wake up the cute birds present in the level, and this is done by matching the birds to the other figures, with a particular color.
Of course, the number of moves you save will turn into precious points: these will need to be able to get the stars of the game, which are important and will unlock many other levels of the game.

To get the stars you will have to get a good score, but there is no problem: if perhaps in a level you are not able to get an excellent score, this will be replayed again, until all three stars of each level will not be conquered. For this reason, therefore, it can be argued that the game-play Puzzle Charms is virtually infinite.

The super combinations

The game may seem pretty simple and boring under a point of view: only make the tris to be able to complete the objectives could in fact, in the long run, and tire the player, and then annoiarlo with the passing of time. Fortunately, however, Zynga has decided to create the super combinations, which may allow the player to increase his score, and complete, with greater ease, be able to complete the mission that is set at that particular level.

Are three super-combinations, and each one of them turns out to be amazing, and, of course, requires a particular combination to be used:
– The first of these concerns the delete row or column, which is created by combining four images of the same color. The symbol will have wings, and you can understand if to be deleted will be a row or a column depending on the position of the wings: if these are vertical, you will delete a column, horizontal, instead, allows the elimination of a row.
– The second the composition is of the fairy magic: this you can get only and only by managing to combine the five symbols of the same color, and appear a fairy godmother with a magic wand. This allows to eliminate all the tiles of the same color: for example, by exchanging the fairy with a symbol color blue, all those figures with that coloration will be deleted. To be able to use the fairy it is not necessary to do more combinations, but you can simply replace the color that you want to delete.
– Finally, there is the bomb magic: this is obtained by combining five or more colors with a shape of L or T, but not on the cross. With the super bomb you can eliminate the many figures present in the screen, to use it you must mix it with a combination. The explosion will thus enable the player to delete the many figures, and to increase the score: this is the super bomb is the enhancement best in the game, as well as a more useful and powerful at the same time.

The Hyper combinations

Although the real name is not this, the Hyper combinations are born in the moment when you decide to mix two power-ups: generally, their effects are the most devastating of the super-combinations, and as easily understood, allow a great increase in the score.

These combinations are very different: for example, by coupling the two delete rows or columns, you can delete two rows or two columns in succession, or a row or column together, and this varies depending on the positions of the wings of the symbols. Combining these two figures, however, with the bomb, the explosion will be even more devastating, even if it is a super beam that destroys many of the figures.
The super bomb combined to another deletes all the figures, while, on the contrary accompanying a super bomb to the fairy you will get a super burst of lower power to the Hyper bomb.
Finally, if you combine the delete row or column to the fairy, depending on the color of the symbol, all the other will automatically delete rows or columns.
These are the Hyper combinations, to power even the most devastating of the simple super combinations.

Friends and objects

Friends are very important in the game: they, in fact, like all other games, will be able to send items such as lives or power-ups that can be used during the continuation of the game. For this reason, therefore, it is important to send items to be able to receive: this is the right way to go, also because you have many other extra lives accumulated is synonymous with games endless.
The same is true for the power-ups: extra moves or others may be used before starting the level, and allow the player to have fun, most, of course without any kind of makeup.
We must not also forget of the items to unlock the levels: these are important, because sometimes the stars are not enough, and, therefore, have many friends, is the secret weapon that the player can use during games to Puzzle Charms.

Tips and strategies

If you are in trouble you could use some makeup, but once again, as on other occasions, it is well to remember that the hacker programs do very little, because in addition reduce the fun, may be the virus programs that can damage your computer.
Instead, it is better to use of the strategies of the game different and much more useful: the first of these consists in trying to get the super combinations and create the Hyper upgrades, in such a way that you can obtain a great score and a large number of stars useful for the game and for new levels.

A second strategy is to not collect the screw just to play: on the contrary, you must wait until all the standard ones, i.e. the five, are lost, and only now accept various screw in the gift, avoiding, therefore, that these can be wasted.

These are thus the various strategies that can be used during the game, without having to necessarily download any type of program potentially harmful to your computer, but if you can do without reading the next chapter…