In our first publication on the BeyBlade we were still on the series “Metal Fusion” and now we are here to explain how to play Beyblade Shogun Steel Battle Online, the game that will allow fans of the television series to take advantage of their powerful top and engage in thrilling battles to the last the power: we see, therefore, how the game works and some of the small council, and strategy.

The registration

Like any online game, to be able to take advantage of the experience offered by the Enemy, it is important to register on the website: this requires a few moments, as you will have to choose the name for the login, enter the password, and two secret answers to the two questions to retrieve the password and confirm the whole.

At this point you are ready to experience all the emotions of the game, but attention: it is important to write down your login name and password, in a manner that will not have any difficulty once the login must be performed, and in such a way to not having to always change the password whenever you need to enter on the site to play Beyblade.

The first basic steps

You are now ready to play with the spinning tops of Beyblade, because the registration has been accomplished: to be able to do this you have to click first on the entry the games, and then select the game, Battles, Beyblade, and wait for the page of the site loads.

The wait will be short: in a few moments you will be ready to put their hands on the precious spins, and have fun like never before, thanks to the emotions that give you this simple but fun and addictive online game of Beyblade.

As the first thing you will need to create your own avatar: it will be the one that will represent the users in the various battles, and then it will be important to choose the color of the skin, eyes, hair and other parts of the body that are to the liking of the user, and this may also prove to be nice, seen that the character that you create can also be quirky and original to the maximum.

Finished the creative part of the avatar, the next part is about the creation of the spinning top: you can choose almost all the parts that you want, since many of them, however, will be unlocked with level advancement, which will enable the user to create the best top of the Beyblade on this site.

To be able to create a good spinning top, however, it is appropriate to insert the code that you can get by purchasing a real product of the series Beyblade: thanks to it, in fact, the gaming experience will be better and much more engaging, since many items can be unlocked immediately, and of course, you will have a greater simplicity in creating the spinning top that you prefer. .

So, thanks to this code, you will be able to have more fun with the game, online Beyblade (At the bottom of the post instructions to get a code for free).

The battle

The battle, user versus user, spinning against the spinning top: this is the true heart of the game, or to challenge other users and prove to them that you are the best player on the face of the Earth, and that no one is able to send KO the spinning top that is built with so much effort and patience.

But as you enter the battle? Simple: under the avatar icon will be a green box, which allows users to take on a lot of other coaches and players of the Enemy, showing them that their top is nothing in comparison to what has been built.

Before entering the battle, however, it is good for the user to choose carefully the top: in the selection screen, in fact, there will be the spinning tops are generic and those that are assembled by the computer, and the choice must be taken on the basis of the different choices that the user must perform.

If you want a sort of battle regarding class against class, then the best choice is the one of the spinning tops generic: each of them has something particular, and for example, the one with the icon of the shield will absorb more damage, the one with the tie-rods of different sizes will be much faster, those with the hammer will have an attack power greater and devastating, while those with a circle below are able to fly, are truly spectacular and give the best of them by air attack, crashing from the sky against the top opposing.

If you want a challenge based on the parameters and on the special abilities, the spinning tops that are assembled are the ones that make the case: every single spinning top in fact will have several different parameters, and therefore there will be spinning tops voted fully on the attack, but very slow and with little resistance, and spinning tops can last a long time and have a defense very high but at the same time possess a force of attack is practically non-existent, and to send the opponent to the mat it will be something long and complex.

What kind of challenge you want to tackle then? According to your evaluation criteria and then, you can choose from over thirty guests, including many assembled automatically, to emphasize how the opponent will not show immediately, his choice, given that this is the you will discover a time that is chosen its top.

You must, therefore, also have luck in your choice: regardless of this however, once you choose your own weapon, you are ready to face the opponent and to defeat him on the field of battle.

The launch of the Beyblade

Choice the top, you have to choose the difficulty of your opponent: the higher this will be, the greater will be the reward of the stars that will be given to the winner of the match. There will be three challenges in a row: who wins two out of three will be declared the champion of that challenge, and can then choose to deal with an opponent is different, and maybe stronger and more prepared.

Once you have chosen a difficulty, it is time to choose the instrument of the launch: there are the standard ones, and the ones in the deluxe, like the spinners, have different characteristics.
With that standard you will have a better choice with regards to the angle of the shot, how to run it, after choosing the direction, you will have to drag the indicator to the objective, while with the pitcher deluxe, you can have a greater power of the round, given that you will need to click quickly on the indicator to quickly accumulate power. Also in this case, obviously, the choice of the launch should be made on the basis of the criteria of the user.

The power ups and strategies

The fun doesn’t stop there, of course, after it’s launched to the top: there are different power ups that can make interesting combat: these are located in the upper part of the screen, and, of course, must be used at the right time.

The first of these is the change of direction, which allows the top to change the route: this power up must be used when may be the top opponent strays too far, and therefore it is impossible to strike and annihilate.

The power up change of direction is activated whenever the effect of changing the direction of ends: when the top settles on the direction, so, it will be possible to change it and make it unpredictable, the trajectory that will be given to your top.

The second option of power up is that of’invisibility: it is constricted and you do not know that the fish catch him? Then it is best to disappear for a few seconds and attack hidden from the opponent, which will not see the spinning top on the screen, but the sparks of contact, and difficult to understand from which direction come the attacks. The invisibility can be activated whenever the two tops are touching.

Then there is the shield: this allows the player to protect his spinning top, and guarantee the invincibility momentary, given that the damage that you will receive will be non-existent, while those inflicted will be almost fatal to the opponent, since its not allow, even temporarily to win the round.
Then there is the option of power-up freezes: as if by magic, the spinning top will stop and it will begin to turn on itself on the spot, very useful thing, especially if you managed to put closer to the top opponent, and this turns out to be perhaps trapped in the corner. When this happens, freeze your top could be the trump card to bring home the victory.

Finally, there is increases the speed: this power up allows the player to restore part of their energy, and this power up must be used strategically even when it is constricted, or to be able to secure the win. Unlike all the other power ups, this can be used only once in the entire round.

The power ups on the field

Analyzed the power ups at the player’s disposal, it is necessary to speak of those in the field: the first is that of death, and it must be avoided, as it halves the life of one’s own spinning, and to take him would be defeated, unless you push the top opposing to the symbol of death represented by a skull, the council that must be followed for victories simple and immediate.

Other power ups on the field is that of the green star: this must be immediately acquired by the player, because thanks to it, unlock new parts for the toy top will be something much more simple.
The last two power ups are the ones of the fire and the blue sphere: this last allows the player to increase the damage of the attack, while the first to unleash powerful attacks against your opponent.

This is everything you need to know of the game, and some strategies to adopt: all in good fun with the online game Beyblade Shogun Steel Battle.