Eternity Warriors 3 is an action game by Glu Games, in which we will be able to play as one of three heroes available and go with them to search for the Sword of Eternity to defeat the evil Lord of Hell. We Fantagiochi we have already talked about Eternity Warriors 3 at the time of its release. The following guide will help you master the main dynamics of the game and contains tips and procedures that you may find useful during your games.

The choice of the character

Eternity Warriors 3: The Characters.

At the beginning of the game we can decide the class of the character with which to undertake the game. Before making a decision read the details below. We will have 2 characters, the third will be unlockable later in the game once you reach a certain amount of experience.

The Warrior is a character that is more used by players who want to be at the center of the action and be in melee as close as possible to their opponents. The Munich – primarily based his attacks on the use of magic and remains quite far from the center of the action. The Magician is the character the most powerful of the three but at the beginning it is still locked, you can therefore choose it.

How to play

Eternity Warriors 3: Screenshots.

Once in game, you can begin to learn how to move, fight against enemies and use special abilities.

To move the character, use the virtual pad (called the D-pad) available shown on the screen. Your character will move in the direction that we indicate with the movement of the finger on the screen.

To attack, press “Attack”, attack, shown on the right side of the screen. You can also press and hold the button to continue attacking with your basic attacks.

Eternity Warriors 3: commands

Another way to attack is to use a special attack called ” Skill.” Next to the main button to attack, you should see a button for special Skills. You can press this button to send a special attack more powerful than the norm. These special attacks tend to do more damage, but you need to wait a few moments before proceeding with another attack as it fatigues the hero considerably.

When the enemies are attacking you, there is also the opportunity to parry their attacks with a small button next to the attack buttons.

Eternity Warriors 3: The attcacco

Enemies often drop the objects that you can collect by simply walking on them. The end Boss level tend to drop higher level objects, such as weapons and other objects that are very useful.

The objectives of the various levels may vary, and will be displayed on the screen in order to better understand what are the enemies or objects that are of relevance to end your mission. After you have completed the objectives for the level you will be notified with a screen.
After completing all of the objectives, the level will end automatically after a few seconds.

When you complete a level, you will be shown a status screen that has different statistics, we can take a look at the statistics of the pattern just played. After you have completed the first level of the game, you will be asked to assign a name to the character.

In the outside world (the map), it is possible to click the place of your next battle. You can invoke the main menu by tapping on the green arrow on the right side of the screen.

Eternity Warriors 3: The outside world.

From this menu, tap the icon of the battle. Here, you can tap various locations to choose your next battle. When you are ready, you will be given a confirmation screen that will allow you to buy potions of additional that will help you in the mission.
The missions are assigned by various non-player characters in the map that can serve as a great guide on which areas you should to play first.

Management of the Character

When you’re not in the confines of a level, we will be in the outside world, a central area where we can interact with other characters and players.

Eternity Warriors 3: Management of the character

In the inventory screen, you can choose different equipment for your character to use whether it is a new weapon, armor, or potions. When you want to give the hero a new item, tap the item within the inventory and then tap the button “Equip”.

This same menu is also the place where we will be able to get rid of old objects or unnecessary selling them. The button Sell, “sell”, it’s next to the button “Equip” and it lists the sale price for the article.

If you do not have the objects that you wish to have, you can complete more missions to try to acquire them by killing enemies and bosses. Alternatively, we will be able to purchase items from the in-game store.

Skills are an essential part of the game, in the sense that we provide special abilities additional that you can use to shoot down enemies more effectively. One of the first Skills for the class of the Warrior is, for example, the “Blade Barrage” which inflicts a number of damage points additional each time it is used.

To learn a new skill, go into the menu Skill, scroll down to find the skill you want to use, then tap the button “Learn Now” to learn.

You can also upgrade items by tapping the option “Update” in your inventory. Here, you can choose to fuse other objects less useful with the item that you want to update. If the article was merged, then we can choose to evolve, which will further enhance the object in question.


Talk to the other players. The game has a chat system in-game which is a great way to ask for your help if you find yourself in difficulty.

Go into battle as often as possible. It is possible to replay levels multiple times in order to earn precious experience points in case you would need to acquire skills best.
The Skills may be expensive and require a lot of leveling. Be sure not to miss the coins in the initial phase.

Log in once a day. Each consecutive day that you log into the game, you will earn a bonus reward for free. If you play many days in a row it is possible to earn some great bonuses without any effort.