Clash of Clans is definitely the multiplayer strategy game for mobile devices the most successful and boasts over 50 million players from all over the world! In this page, we want to collect all of our tips (hustlers), the various tricks and some strategies and suggestions arising from our experience of the game. If you have suggestions that you would like to share you can comment at the bottom of them we will insert as an integral part of the guide.

Tricks and tips for a good start

[The GEMS] At the beginning of the game you will have 500 gems, our heartfelt advice is to spend all the gems to purchase the third-party manufacturer (the manufacturers only get with gems), so as to speed up the growth of your villeggio. If you have already started, and you spent already some gems to know that the conquest of 1250 trophies of war, you’ll get 450 gems from the objectives, put by 50 in expectation.

[The CLANS] it IS very important to rebuild the Clan Castle as soon as possible in order to join a Clan and receive troops additional by the companions to use them in defence or attack, if you want to join to our Clan to know that our leaders give pieces from 90 to everyone, even and especially to those who are at the beginning, we are waiting on the hyenas supreme (TAGS: P8YRPGU9).

[ATTACKS EASY] The first advice I give is to think well before attacking, if you are not sure 100% passed next to another village or forsake the battle. If you have u n little time, and little elixir for your attacks, you can use a few archers to win some attack easy with villages much more make you of you and get trophies and victory bonus. Scrolling through the various villages to attack sooner or later it will happen to someone that has placed the town Hall in the corner without defenses nearby, and as you know the town Hall alone is worth the victory with a star. Only need 3-4 archers, and the victory is yours, while they do their job, look if there are mines or extractors with a full outside of the city walls and eventually raccattate more that you can using the barbarians. Many strong players place the town Hall outside your own to be attached so you can hang up through Vengeance, because you are weak and for them it’s hard to find easy opponents for the attacks, but you do not care about sooner or later an attack will receive it anyway!

As said when we are looking for a village to attack, we can skip a village by clicking on the button NEXT in the bottom right. After 30 seconds, the village is automatically confirmed. In that case, we are obliged to attack and lose trophies? No. We can choose to abandon the attack by clicking on stop in the lower left, without losing any trophy. But this only in case you have not yet sent in the field, or even a troop.

[Eye to dad and brothers] If you have a dad or brothers who also play Clash and I recommend you hide your tablet when you go to school to avoid theft unwanted troops strong and expensive! 

Look forward to your advice and tips, comment at the bottom of the page, here is where you can find more information and the vido of how to play Clash from the PC without having a Smartphone or Tablet 

How to play Clash of Clans PC

The good: you Can play from your computer, the game is well done and works well, causes no problems and there are chances that the game can be hacked, then that can allow the use of cheats and hack (even if not yet discovered).
Bad: Some time you can block, you can have drop frame (laggy) and you can connect to your GameCenter and then load your village.