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Disney Hidden Worlds Guide and Tips

Disney arrives on Facebook and on mobile with an intriguing and fun game, which belongs to the category of object finder: here is Disney Hidden Worlds, called in Italian Secret Worlds. Here’s how to play and some little trick or advice.

Lots of worlds all Disney

The difference with other hidden object games, in this the protagonists are only and exclusively the worlds of Disney: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and many others will be the enchanted places that will face the player, each full of many levels.
Graphically speaking, the game reflects the graphics of Disney cartoons, which means a wide range of coloring and a large number of details make the game one of the most fun and suitable for all ages, since the protagonists of Disney are known throughout the world and loved by people of all ages.
Speaking instead of sound, this sector respects the canons of Disney: many songs, or rather, musical bases remember the atmosphere experienced in various films, and each scenario will have a unique soundtrack, which differentiates it from the others.

As for the gameplay instead, this is infinite and engaging, since the various levels you can play many times, without any limit. But how do you play the magical world of Disney Hidden Worlds, and what is the purpose? And above all, as mentioned before, there are some tricks or tips that allow the player to have a little help to complete and overcome the various levels more easily?

How do I play Disney Hidden Worlds?

Once you start the game, you’ll be faced with the tutorial, and of course this is really simple, since there will be a short guide that allows the player to understand the mechanisms of the game. Those who want to skip the tutorial, however, must know the objective of the game: this is to unlock all the various levels and travel to all the various enchanted worlds of Disney.

In order to complete each level, you simply need to find all the objects listed on the top screen in the game framework: for example, in the level of the Little Mermaid could appear in the list the name of a particular fish or object, and to be able to remove it from the list you simply need to click on it, which will disappear from the game screen and simultaneously from the list of objectives. Beware, eyes open and a lot of concentration are needed to be able to complete the various levels of the game, which may require an ever-changing number of items to be found.
For this reason, the game play is really exciting and fun, and especially allows players even less experienced, to have fun with a completely free online game. As you complete the various scenarios then, will be unlocked, as mentioned before, many levels, each of which is different from the previous ones that, as you can easily guess, have different objects to find, and therefore hardly a level will have the same objects as the one previously faced.


A really important aspect of the game is the score: this in fact allows players to get stars and to overcome the various levels of the game.

But how do you get a high score?

To do this, you have to find the items required by the list in a very short space of time, since if you are fast you will activate the game multiplier, which will raise the score, and will allow the player to get a large number of stars. The multiplier is unlocked after finding two objects in a row: finding many, one behind the other, you can then increase the multiplier, which will rise in level and, as you can see, the higher it will be, the higher the score you get.

Warning, however: just a small error, or click on an object that does not match any of those on the list required by the level that the score multiplier will disappear inevitably, and if this happens the score. At the same time, if it takes a long time to find the items below, the game multiplier will disappear, and even in this case the player will see his score decrease dramatically.
So to get a good score and a high number of stars you need to sharpen your eyesight, try to have good reflexes and avoid making unnecessary mistakes: in this case, then, the score will be very high, and the multiplier will not suffer any kind of loss. You should also avoid the help, or the magnifying glass: even if this shows an object, it makes the multiplier disappear, so it is better to avoid this option.

Missions and objects

Like any self-respecting game, missions will be useful to increase your level of play: once you complete the missions in fact, you can receive experience points, which will increase the level of the player.
Experience points are useful, because sometimes, to unlock a world or a level you need to have a certain level, and then you have to complete the missions: these are on the left side of the screen, and to understand how to complete them you simply have to read the content in the mission you want to address.
The objects are also very important: these are obtained by completing the missions, increasing in level or completing the various levels.

What are the objects for?

These can be used to unlock new levels, and immediately will come in handy: so it is better to pay close attention and engage in the game if you want to try to get useful objects to unlock the various levels, since without them you could risk being stuck in a certain level.

Friends and Energy

Another important aspect of the game is that of energy: each level played corresponds to a certain expenditure of energy, and then you can argue that the games will not be endless. When the energy ends, then, you have to wait for it to reload, or buy it from the game store, which uses gold as its currency, which you can accumulate either by overcoming certain missions, or by increasing the level. At the same time, friends are also very important: they can provide important elements for the continuation of the game, and also energy, which can then be used to continue playing once it ends.

With these aspects examined then, the player should have a clear idea of the type of game he will find once he decides to open Disney Hidden Worlds.

Tips and Tricks

Often, however, playing for someone is synonymous with boredom, and for this reason you use tricks: do they exist for the game license plate Disney?
Basically, there is no kind of trick generated by the hacks that are on the web: on the contrary, this type of program must be avoided, as it would risk ruining the computer, as many of them contain viruses, or give money to those who put on the web phantom and fake programs to make up the game on Facebook.

However, there are various game strategies, which can be used to achieve high scores and complete the game in the best possible way: what are the strategies? Basically, these are only two: the first is to accumulate, request and send energy to your friends, as they will certainly do the same. So by accumulating energy, you can play the Disney game for a very long time, and by increasing the level, once you complete the various levels, you can get extra energy.

The second is to play several times the same level: in addition to increasing the score and get stars, the player can memorize where they are all the various objects in the level, and this is synonymous with star scores and almost infinite multipliers.

So here’s what the brand new Disney game consists of, how to play it and some tips to be able to go great: at this point the player will only have to think about having fun and playing a lot of free Disney Hidden Worlds game.

Eternity Warriors 3 Game Guide

Eternity Warriors 3 is an action game by Glu Games, in which we will be able to play as one of three heroes available and go with them to search for the Sword of Eternity to defeat the evil Lord of Hell. We Fantagiochi we have already talked about Eternity Warriors 3 at the time of its release. The following guide will help you master the main dynamics of the game and contains tips and procedures that you may find useful during your games.

The choice of the character

Eternity Warriors 3: The Characters.

At the beginning of the game we can decide the class of the character with which to undertake the game. Before making a decision read the details below. We will have 2 characters, the third will be unlockable later in the game once you reach a certain amount of experience.

The Warrior is a character that is more used by players who want to be at the center of the action and be in melee as close as possible to their opponents. The Munich – primarily based his attacks on the use of magic and remains quite far from the center of the action. The Magician is the character the most powerful of the three but at the beginning it is still locked, you can therefore choose it.

How to play

Eternity Warriors 3: Screenshots.

Once in game, you can begin to learn how to move, fight against enemies and use special abilities.

To move the character, use the virtual pad (called the D-pad) available shown on the screen. Your character will move in the direction that we indicate with the movement of the finger on the screen.

To attack, press “Attack”, attack, shown on the right side of the screen. You can also press and hold the button to continue attacking with your basic attacks.

Eternity Warriors 3: commands

Another way to attack is to use a special attack called ” Skill.” Next to the main button to attack, you should see a button for special Skills. You can press this button to send a special attack more powerful than the norm. These special attacks tend to do more damage, but you need to wait a few moments before proceeding with another attack as it fatigues the hero considerably.

When the enemies are attacking you, there is also the opportunity to parry their attacks with a small button next to the attack buttons.

Eternity Warriors 3: The attcacco

Enemies often drop the objects that you can collect by simply walking on them. The end Boss level tend to drop higher level objects, such as weapons and other objects that are very useful.

The objectives of the various levels may vary, and will be displayed on the screen in order to better understand what are the enemies or objects that are of relevance to end your mission. After you have completed the objectives for the level you will be notified with a screen.
After completing all of the objectives, the level will end automatically after a few seconds.

When you complete a level, you will be shown a status screen that has different statistics, we can take a look at the statistics of the pattern just played. After you have completed the first level of the game, you will be asked to assign a name to the character.

In the outside world (the map), it is possible to click the place of your next battle. You can invoke the main menu by tapping on the green arrow on the right side of the screen.

Eternity Warriors 3: The outside world.

From this menu, tap the icon of the battle. Here, you can tap various locations to choose your next battle. When you are ready, you will be given a confirmation screen that will allow you to buy potions of additional that will help you in the mission.
The missions are assigned by various non-player characters in the map that can serve as a great guide on which areas you should to play first.

Management of the Character

When you’re not in the confines of a level, we will be in the outside world, a central area where we can interact with other characters and players.

Eternity Warriors 3: Management of the character

In the inventory screen, you can choose different equipment for your character to use whether it is a new weapon, armor, or potions. When you want to give the hero a new item, tap the item within the inventory and then tap the button “Equip”.

This same menu is also the place where we will be able to get rid of old objects or unnecessary selling them. The button Sell, “sell”, it’s next to the button “Equip” and it lists the sale price for the article.

If you do not have the objects that you wish to have, you can complete more missions to try to acquire them by killing enemies and bosses. Alternatively, we will be able to purchase items from the in-game store.

Skills are an essential part of the game, in the sense that we provide special abilities additional that you can use to shoot down enemies more effectively. One of the first Skills for the class of the Warrior is, for example, the “Blade Barrage” which inflicts a number of damage points additional each time it is used.

To learn a new skill, go into the menu Skill, scroll down to find the skill you want to use, then tap the button “Learn Now” to learn.

You can also upgrade items by tapping the option “Update” in your inventory. Here, you can choose to fuse other objects less useful with the item that you want to update. If the article was merged, then we can choose to evolve, which will further enhance the object in question.


Talk to the other players. The game has a chat system in-game which is a great way to ask for your help if you find yourself in difficulty.

Go into battle as often as possible. It is possible to replay levels multiple times in order to earn precious experience points in case you would need to acquire skills best.
The Skills may be expensive and require a lot of leveling. Be sure not to miss the coins in the initial phase.

Log in once a day. Each consecutive day that you log into the game, you will earn a bonus reward for free. If you play many days in a row it is possible to earn some great bonuses without any effort.

Solution guide of Cut The Rope 2


Cut The Rope 2 is the exciting sequel to the fun game mobile that has held you glued to the monitor millions of users to the screens of their mobile devices. This second episode introduces new elements to the game as well as new creatures with which to interact. Like its predecessor, is a puzzle game based on the laws of physics in which we will have to cut the ropes to get the candy into the mouth of the cute Om Nom. This time, however, Om Nom can also enlist the help of other monsters called “Nommies” to help him reach the candy. The guide that follows will introduce players to the dynamics of the basic game, providing images and useful tips. Have a good read.

The objective of the game

The stock of candy of our Om Nom has been stolen by evil spiders. He then will start looking at his beloved bon bon, recovering one by one by cutting the ropes that hold it captive to the candy.You will also need to call his new friends, the Nommies, to help you in the situations of the game more difficult.


Om Nom will travel through different scenarios, each composed of different environments. Each scenario contains 20 levels of game play, more levels, unlockable bonus. To switch between the scenarios slide your finger on the main screen.

Game options

To access the “options menu”, tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the title screen. From here you can adjust the volume of the sound and music, watching your successes, and delete the data.

Cut the rope

Almost all of the game levels in Cut The Rope, have a rope to cut to drop, or roll of candy into the mouth of Om Nom. To cut a rope, simply go across the finger on it. It is not necessary to cut every single rope to finish a level, and in fact there are many cases in which it is better not to touch any. To end the candy into the mouth of Om Nom, we have to find the right combination of actions to perform on the screen or find a way to move the character towards it.

Collect the stars

To finish the level you must feed Om Nom with candy, but you also need to collect stars with the yellow very useful to unlock new level packs.

Observe the screen and use the friends

To get the maximum score in a level it is necessary to evaluate the layout of the elements on the screen and, if present, take advantage of the help of other fellow creatures if they are available.

The Nommies

The Nommies are the cute creatures that will help the protagonist in solving the levels.

Lick is a chameleon whose tongue along it can form bridges to reach the candy or the environmental elements such as tree trunks.
Boo scares Om Nom, causing a jump to the top.
Roto is a dragonfly capable of carrying objects of the screen like candy, and even Om Nom himself.
Toss can throw objects upwards, including candy.
Blue is a Nommie self-replicating. Tap on him to make a clone of flash. The clones can stack and lift objects into the air.


The new objects of Cut the Rope 2

Trunks – trunks are often made to swing from ropes. They can be used to move other objects close to them. When they are cut and freed from the ropes they roll and push away any object of their journey (Om Nom included).

Balloons Are used as a means of transport. Once the shape of Om Nom, it will approach to that of the ball he antrerà inside of it. More balloons, the more you have, the higher you will fly. You can burst the balloons once in the top.

Bellows – Press on the bellows to emit a burst of air. This blast pushes away the objects in the area, as well as balloons, and the same Om Nom.

In-App purchases

Power-Ups: the purchase includes balloons, a “candy rain” that causes candy to cascade from the sky, and a firefly that shows you exactly how to get all three stars in any level .

Hats: Om Nom can try on funny hats, including a winter hat, a hat of sheep, and a bandana superhero. The hats do not grant you any skill extra are just for fun.

Extras: You can buy extra if you want to spice up a bit the graphics of the game. For example, you can replace the candy with a fruit, or to activate a strip of bubbles that follows our movement.


Watch video: Some packages level contain movies. Access is possible via the video camera icon on the lower right side of the screen. Keep an eye on them because they are very useful!

Don’t focus too much on the stars – do Not try at all costs to finish the level by getting all the stars in a single shot. You can come back later on the level and try again to get a higher score.

Collect four-leaf clovers – Some levels have four-leaf clovers that Om Nom can collect in addition to the candy. The clovers are particularly difficult to reach, but if you collect, you’ll be able to unlock the secret levels at the bottom of every package of levels.