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Launch time
06/06/17 20:50 Teignmouth lifeboat crew assist in search for missing person

The second request to launch on Tuesday, 6 June 2017 was received at 8.50pm when the crew were tasked to assist with a search for a missing vulnerable person. A thorough search was carried out in the Dawlish area from Langstone rock to Teignmouth pier but nobody was found.

The crew were stood down and returned safely to station at 10.05pm.

Boat crew: Humphrey Vince, Giles Squirrell, Andy Case, Sean Bromfield
Shore crew: Charlie Woolnough, Stuart Eames, Jim Cassidy, Ben Mitson


06/06/17 16:45 Teignmouth lifeboat crew rescue three people

The volunteer crew rescued three people out of the water off Watcombe beach, Torquay on Tuesday afternoon.

The request to launch was received at 4.36pm on Tuesday, 6 June 2017 and the crew launched the lifeboat at 4.45pm.

It had been reported that a person had swam about 400 metres off shore from Watcombe beach, Torquay and had become in difficulty. The crew recovered the casualty and took her aboard the lifeboat. It was soon apparent that two people with the casualty were also in the water nearby and were beginning to get into difficulty. The lifeboat crew recovered them as well taking them aboard the lifeboat and transported them all to Babbacombe pier where they were handed over to paramedics for assessment.

The crew and lifeboat returned safely to station at 5.30pm

Boat crew: Giles Squirrell, Robert Larkman, Jim Cassidy, Sean Bromfield
Shore crew: Matt Slader, Stuart Eames, Mark Annal, Greg Allen, Ben Mitson



27/05/17 16:13 Teignmouth lifeboat crew respond to report of people on rocks

It was reported by a member of the public that two people had been spotted on rocks to the north of the Parson and Clerk headland. The crew received a request to launch at 4.13pm on 27 May 2017 and a thorough shoreline search was carried out and there was no sign of anybody in difficulty.

The crew and lifeboat returned safely to station at 4.53pm

Boat crew: Humphrey Vince, Adam Truhol, Sean Bromfield, Matt Clements
Shore crew: Matt Slader, Ben Mitson, Stuart Eames, Ray Lales-Allen


03/05/17 19.07 Teignmouth lifeboat crew join search for missing person

The lifeboat crew received a request to launch at 7.07pm on Wednesday, 3 May 2017 to join Torbay lifeboat crew in the search for a missing young woman.

The Teignmouth crew were tasked to carry out a shoreline search in the Babbacombe area. The missing woman was found safe ashore and the lifeboat crew returned safely to station at 8.45pm.

Boat crew: David Matthews, Adam Truhol, Mark Barrett, Will Burton
Shore crew: Matt Slader, Anna Winston, Ben Mitson, Stuart Eames
DLA: Derek Davis



02/05/17 10.06 Teignmouth lifeboat in search for dinghy

Teignmouth lifeboat crew were requested to launch at 10.06am on Tuesday, 2 May 2017 in search for a dinghy.

After the launch the crew were informed that the dinghy had been recovered by another vessel but they were tasked by the Coastguard to conduct an extensive search for debris. The volunteer crew found nothing and were stood down and returned safely to station at 11.35am.

Boat crew: Adam Truhol, Sean Bromfield, Robert Larkman, David Matthews
Shore crew: Matt Slader, Pete Renouf, Anna Winston, Ben Mitson, Marcus Hughes
DLA: James Trout



16/04/17 14.36

Teignmouth lifeboat crew tow broken down vessel

Teignmouth lifeboat crew received a request to launch at 2.36pm to help a casualty aboard a broken down vessel.

The volunteer crew arrived on scene at 2.54pm and took the 5m vessel which had suffered engine failure on tow. The vessel and casualty were taken to Polly Steps, Teignmouth. The crew and lifeboat returned safely to station and were ready for service at 3.22pm.

Boat crew: Will Burton, Mark Barrett, Neil Cripps, Marcus Walton
Shore crew: Greg Allen, Dave Matthews, Ben Mitson, Pete Renouf, Stuart Eames, Anna Winston



09/04/17 19:45

Teignmouth lifeboat responds to small boat with engine failure

The request to launch was received on Sunday in response to a small motor boat with engine failure. The 18ft motor boat located near the Carey Arms at Babbacombe had two people on board and one person in the water trying to hold the boat off shore. The lifeboat crew took the motor boat on tow and returned it to Torquay with the casualties
The volunteer crew returned safely to station and the lifeboat was ready for service at 21.17

Boat crew: Humphrey Vince, Sean Bromfield, Mark Barrett, Andy Case
Shore crew: Pete Renouf, Matt Slader, Stuart Eames, Ben Mitson


08/04/17 15:15

Four jet-ski's in incident

The volunteer lifeboat crew to asked to assist in an incident involving four jet skis off Maidencombe. One jet ski had suffered a fuel explosion and another mechanical failure. Two fellow jet skiers had been trying to assist then made their way to Polly Steps.
Following a shoreline search, the ski with a mechanical fault was found on rocks near Maidencombe and the driver was taken aboard the lifeboat and ski taken on tow. The crew then attended the fire-damaged ski, which had been tied temporarily to a buoy and took it on tow as well. Both skis and casualty were taken to Polly Steps.

Boat crew: Adam Truhol, Will Burton, Andy Case, Mark Barrett
Shore crew: Simon Dorey, Dave Matthews, Pete Renouf, Marcus Hughes



13/03/17 19:48

Teignmouth lifeboat assists in search for missing person

On Monday evening (13 March 2017) Teignmouth, lifeboat crew received a request to launch at 7.48pm to assist in a search for a missing person.
The Coastal Rescue Team were searching in the Dawlish area and requested the assistance of the lifeboat crew.The missing person was found safe and well and the lifeboat and crew returned to station at 8.25pm.

Boat crew: David Matthews (Helm), Andy Case, Jim Cassidy, Giles Squirrell
Shore crew: Stuart Eames (tractor driver), Matt Slader, Anna Winston
LOM: Charlie Woolnough DLA's: Derek Davis, Paul Daker















Search for missing person

HM Coastguard requested the launch of the Teignmouth RNLI lifeboat to search for a missing female who was later found ashore.

The launch request was received at 6.16am and the volunteer crew launched on the Two Annes lifeboat at 6.25am. They were tasked to search for the missing female initially off Dawlish and then extended to Dawlish Warren. The Exmouth lifeboat joined the task and searched the river side of the Warren and river mouth. The casualty was located ashore safe and well at 8.45am and the Teignmouth lifeboat returned to station.

Boat crew: Adam Truhol (helm), Paul Wright, Sean Bromfield, Humphrey Vince
Shore crew: Matt Slader (tractor driver), Ben Mitson, Ray Lales-Allen