The Teignmouth
Provided by the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society at a cost of £124 0s 0d
The RNLI took over the lifeboat station
First recorded service - 2 saved from Pilot Boat and 2 lost
Boathouse built on The Den, with doors facing The Ness at a cost of £223. 3s 0d
Boathouse rebuilt with doors facing the harbour
Silver Medal awarded to Coxswain John B Bulkeley for 'his long and gallant service'.
The RNLI's experimental iron lifeboat the 'China' arrived for trials
China (2)
The iron-hulled experimental lifeboat was replaced by a conventional wooden-hulled, ten-oared lifeboat, also called the China. Both of the China's were defrayed by money donated by the staff of Gilman and Company who traded in Shanghai and Hong Kong
A Silver Medal was awarded to 2nd Coxswain William Stuggins on his retirement for 'long and gallant service'.
The China was renamed Arnold in recognition of fund-raising efforts by Mr B Arnold, Chairman of the Devon & Cornwall Lifeboat Bazaar
Arnold (2)
A new 34ft ten-oared lifeboat went on station also called the Arnold, built at a cost of £297.0s 0d

Alfred Staniforth
Arnold (2)

A new 34ft ten-oared self-righting lifeboat was delivered but never entered service. The Arnold remained the Teignmouth lifeboat
Alfred Staniforth

Alfred Staniforth (2)
A second Alfred Staniforth took up lifeboat duties. This new lifeboat was provided by a legacy of Mrs Staniforth of Broomhall, Sheffield (£481 0s 0d)

On October 10th the schooner "Tehwija of Riga" dragged her anchors in a strong SSW gale with a very heavy sea, and ran aground on the outer part of Pole Sands. Exmouth lifeboat, being to leeward, launched but could not get near her, so the 'Alfred Staniforth' launched in appalling conditions. One heavy sea broke into the lifeboat knocking down every man, and every oar went overboard, the boat being driven back towards the harbour. A fresh start was made and this time the dangerous task of crossing the bar was accomplished in safety.
The crew of the "Tehwija" were forced into the rigging as the waves were making a clean breach over her. With great difficulty communication was established and the whole of the crew of eight were rescued by means of ropes. The schooner became a complete wreck fifteen minutes after the rescue was effected.
Mr WJ Burden, the Honorary Secretary, took part in this service and, during the critical time when crossing the Teignmouth bar, he steered the lifeboat which enabled the coxswain and bowman to assist in double-banking the oars.
The Committee of Management awarded the Silver Medal to Mr Burden and to Coxswain George Rice, together with a copy of the Vote on Vellum and gave additional monetary awards to the lifeboat crew.

Henry Finlay

Henry Finlay
A similar but newer 35ft, ten-oared and self-righting lifeboat, previously stationed at Macrihanish in Scotland came on station.
The station closed for the war - the lifeboat was sold for £200 0s 0d
Lord Brotherton
Atlantic 21 class inshore lifeboat B538
The station re-opened for evaluation and became fully operational on November 3rd
This lifeboat was provided from the generous legacies of Mrs DV McGriggar Phillips, Mr RK Talbot and a special appeal to the people of Leeds
The original boathouse was re-acquired and converted for the new class of inshore lifeboat
Frank & Dorothy
Frank & Dorothy
This Atlantic 21 class inshore lifeboat provided by the bequest (£56,000) of Mrs Dorothy North in memory of her husband Frank went on station December 11th 1991.
Two Annes
The Two Annes
Atlantic 85 class inshore lifeboat went on service August 1st 2006
2008 Commendations Letters of Commendation to four crewmen were received from the RNLI Chairman and the Chief Executive
Letters of Commendation to four crewmen were received from the RNLI Chairman and the Chief Executive
As part of the maintenance and refitting programme of RNLI lifeboats, the following Atlantic 21 Relief lifeboats have been stationed at Teignmouth since 1990 - B533, B569, B515 VE Webber, B526 The Quiver and B549 Blenwatch