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'The Two Annes' - B809 Atlantic 85
'Malcolm Hawkesford 1' - Arancia A-67
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SHOUTS - 2016 - Part 2 June onwards

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Launch time
20/12/16 20:28

Teignmouth lifeboat crew assisted in a search for a missing male.

HM Coastguard requested the lifeboat launch at 8.28pm and the volunteer crew launched at 8.36pm. The crew were tasked to assist in the shoreline search for a vulnerable, missing male between Watcombe and Babbacombe. No-one was found and the crew were then tasked to search the shoreline between Watcombe and Teignmouth on their return to Teignmouth. The lifeboat and crew returned to station at 10.59pm.

Boat crew: Humphrey Vince (helm), Adam Truhol, James Stoyle, Sean Bromfield
Shore crew: Matt Slader (tractor driver), Ben Mitson (head launcher), Mark Annal, Simon Dorey
Officials: Charlie Woolnough (Operations Manager), Derek Davis, Paul Daker

22/11/16 14:05

HM Coastguard received a message that a person/body was floating in the water off the Point in Teignmouth on Sunday and initiated a RNLI lifeboat launch to investigate.

The launch request was received at 2.04pm and the volunteer crew arrived at the scene at 2.11pm. Upon arrival the crew found a large log floating in the reported area. It was confirmed that the log was in fact the object the informant had seen and the crew and Two Annes lifeboat returned to station.

Boat crew: Will Burton (Helm), Dave Matthews, Sean Bromfield, Simon Dorey
Shore crew: Stuart Eames (Tractor Driver), Ben Mitson (Head Launcher), Mark Annal
Deputy Launching Authority: Derek Davis, Paul Daker

23/10/16 15:29

RNLI lifeboats launch in response to overturned boat Both of Teignmouth's RNLI lifeboats launched in the afternoon on Sunday, 23 October 2016 in response to a report of an overturned boat.

HM Coastguard received the report of the overturned boat near the Passage House Inn on the river Teign. A response team investigated but were unable to get near the boat as it was on the edge of reed beds.

The Two Annes lifeboat was requested to launch at 3.29pm and the volunteer crew were tasked to investigate and confirm that there were no people involved. Teignmouth's smaller lifeboat, the Arancia (A-67) also launched due to the shallow water and falling tide.

No casualties were found and the crew moved the vessel to a safe location. Both lifeboats and crew returned safely to station by 4.30pm.

19/10/16   Search for high risk missing person
The lifeboat launched late afternoon to assist Police in the search for a high risk missing person. The crew conducted a shoreline search between Bundle Head and Maidencombe beach. During the search two lifeboat crew members went ashore to assist searching the beach areas and later came to the aid of an injured Coastguard team member who had fallen. He was transferred by lifeboat to Shaldon beach and was recovered by a Coastguard patrol vehicle. At 6.40pm the missing person presented himself to Coastguard personnel at Maidencombe and the search was stood down. The lifeboat and crew returned to station at 6.50pm.

28/09/16 17:06 Crew respond to report of upturned boat
Information was received about a possible sighting of an upturned boat with two persons in the water off Dawlish. A search was made with nothing found however, a dead whale was spotted. The whale was approximately 35 feet long and could have looked like an upturned boat from a distance. The lifeboat and crew returned to station at 5.40pm.

15/09/16 19:14 Crew recover drifting vessel
Whilst on a training exercise a member of the public alerted the Coastguard and lifeboat station that a vessel was drifting at the mouth of the river Teign. The lifeboat crew took the vessel on tow and returned it to its mooring. There was no apparent damage to the vessel and the crew continued on exercise afterwards.
10/09/16 15:26 Search for missing person
The lifeboat and crew launched in the afternoon to assist in the search for a missing person. The Torbay and Exmouth lifeboats also took part in the search as did the Coastguard helicopter and coast response teams. After an extensive search by all involved, no-one was found and the search was stood down. The lifeboat and crew returned to station at 5.12pm.
23/08/16 14:12 Seven people aboard speedboat rescued
A member of the public reported seeing people aboard a speedboat waving and shouting for help at 2.12pm. The lifeboat launched and arrived on scene at the back of the bar and took over the tow from a private vessel that was struggling against the strong ebb tide. The seven adults and boat were taken safely to Polly Steps in Teignmouth.




18/08/16 21.18 Lifeboat crew rescue non-swimmer.Teignmouth's RNLI volunteer crew rescued a male casualty of an over-turned boat in the evening

The crew had just completed a training exercise when they were tasked by Solent Coastguard to assist three people in the water off Dawlish following the capsize of their boat. Upon arrival the crew found that two of the people had made their way to shore but the third person, a non-swimmer, was clinging to the over-turned boat. Crew recovered the casualty to the lifeboat and he was transferred to the shore where he was assessed and then handed over to the ambulance crew.The crew and lifeboat safely returned to station at 10.29pm.

04/08/2016 17.59 Lifeboat crew respond to report of unmanned vessel
A report was received of an apparently unmanned vessel adrift off Labrador Bay. Upon arrival the lifeboat crew noted a gentleman sunbathing on the deck of the vessel. After checking he was well the lifeboat returned to station at 6.24pm.
24/07/2016 18:47 A search by both lifeboats was undertaken on the River Teign for an elderly vulnerable man - nothing untoward was found in the 2 hour search...
20/07/2016 19:28 The Teignmouth Releif lifeboat "Roy Snewin" was tasked along with RN Survey Vessel "HMS Echo" to a yacht in distress 7 miles east of Teignmouth. HMS Echo launched their small 'seaboat' to assist, but she was unable to assist due to the rough conditions. (HMS Echo had taken shelter near Babbacombe due to the conditions). The Exmouth lifeboat had already been tasked to a separate incident. A line was put on the yacht by the Teignmouth lifeboat in the lee of HMS Echo, who retained the lee shelter for the yacht and lifeboat until the tow reached the Teignmouth river entrance; the Exmouth lifeboat after completing its earlier tasking then stood-by at the harbour entrance until the Teignmouth lifeboat and the casualty yacht were in safe water - the two persons on the yacht were given hot drinks and dried off in the lifeboat station
19/07/2016 21:23 2 adults  (and a dog) stranded in their dinghy at Labrador Bay were collected and returned to Polly Steps - all OK
15/07/2016 18:27 False alam with good intent
02/07/2016 18:06 Lifeboat was launched to assist a 'Windsurfer' who had become separated from their board. The caualty and the board were put ashore safely.
06/06/2016 06:21 Search for missing person
HMCG requested the assistance of the Teignmouth lifeboat to look for a missing person between Watcombe and Babbacombe - nothing untoward was found; the missing person was found near 'The Cary Arms'PH at Babbacombe.