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Sunday December 31 14:45
Launched to search for dog
The Teignmouth News reports..
"COASTGUARDS and two lifeboats were called out to rescue a dog which had fallen down a cliff and was stuck in the water at Red Rock in Dawlish Warren.
The New Year’s Eve ­operation was launched when the collie, called Boyd, had tumbled down a 15ft drop.Coastguards from Teignmouth were alerted by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency at about 2.30pm to the scene where a dog was reported to be stuck in the water and stranded at high tide.
Exmouth and Teignmouth inshore lifeboats were also at the scene as was the Coastguard team from Torbay.
A cliff rescue technician was sent down to retrieve Boyd who was brought back to safety and his anxious owners were reunited with their pet.
A spokesman for Exmouth lifeboat said: ‘This is the third dog we’ve been called out to rescue in three weeks. ‘Two were lucky to survive, but one unfortunately didn’t make it. ‘Please keep dogs on leads when walking on cliffs and do not attempt rescue yourself.’A spokesman for Teignmouth Coastguard said: ‘Thank you to the members of the public for being patient while we shut off the area to work. ‘Thank you to all involved.’

Sunday December 10th 11:45
Launched to investigate boat adrift above Shaldon Bridge..

Friday December 8th 23:45
Vulnerable person near Shaldon Bridge on river bank taken on board lifeboat to boathouse and to waiting paramedics.

Friday 27 October 06:56
Both Teignmouth lifeboats tasked to person in water at Newton Abbot
The lifeboat crew launched both lifeboats on Friday morning to go to the Town Quay area at Newton Abbot in response to a report of a person in the water.
The Two Annes lifeboat launched first at 6.56am followed by the Arancia at 7am. The report was of a person in the River Teign between Town Quay and the River Lemon. Due to the tidal conditions as it was two hours after low water the Arancia could travel further up the river and the crew found the casualty and recovered him to the lifeboat. The casualty was transferred to an ambulance at Town Quay.

'Two Annes' boat crew: Paul Wright, Humphrey Vince, Giles Squirrell, James Crawford
'Malcom Hawkesford 1' (Arancia) boat crew: Dave Mathews, Andy Case
Shore crew: Matt Slader, Ben Mitson, Stuart Eames, Peter Renouf


Thursday 26 October 06:26
Male in dangerous position on cliff near Babbacombe

The 'Two Annes' lifeboat launched to assist the Berryhead Coastguard team and the helicopter Rescue 924  - the casualty was extracted by the helicopter safely and uninjured
Boat crew: Humphrey Vince, Giles Squirrel, James Cassidy, James Stoyle
Shore crew: Stuart Eames, Matt Slader, Marcus Hughes, Peter Renouf, Ben Mitson


Thursday 19 October 10:30
Lifeboat crew come to aid of stranded dinghy
On Thursday morning a lifeboat crew member saw a casualty in a dinghy in the estuary waving his arms in distress and raised the alarm to the Coastguard. The crew launched at 10.33am and were quickly on scene. The casualty was in a sailing dinghy with no engine and had been attempting to enter the harbour against a strong ebb tide and was making no headway. Upon arrival the crew took the dingy under tow and both the casualty and vessel were taken to Polly Steps. The casualty was wearing a wet suit and buoyancy aid and did not require any medical aid. The Two Annes lifeboat and crew returned safely to station and were recovered at 11.08am.
Boat crew: Adam Truhol, Humphrey Vince, James Crawford, Rob Larkman
Shore crew: Stuart Eames, Matt Slader, Marcus Hughes, Greg Allen, Anna Winston

Tuesday, 17 October 20:30
Male intent on harming himself
Teignmouth lifeboat crew was tasked by the Coastguard on Tuesday evening to a report of a male who was potentially intent to enter the water to harm himself in the Anstey's Cove area. Information received from the first informant was that he was a free diver and could hold his breath for long periods. It was understood that he had his swimming equipment with him but not a weight belt. Further information came to light and it was believed that he was in the Torquay Harbour area. The Police helicopter with the FLIR system was also searching with thermal imaging. Torbay Lifeboat was also requested to attend but prior to it launching the person was found on Haldon Pier (entrance to Torquay Harbour) by Police and detained. All units were stood down and returned to their respective stations. The lifeboat and crew returned to station and were recovered at 11.42pm.
Boat crew: Humphrey Vince, Dave Matthews, Sean Bromfield, Matt Clements
Shore crew: Ben Mitson, Pete Renouf, Marcus Hughes, Ray Lales-Allen

Monday October 16th 19:58
Report of light on rocks
Teignmouth lifeboat crew received a launch request at 7.58pm following a report that a white light had been spotted near Petitor. A thorough shoreline search was carried out and an angler was identified on the rocks. The crew spoke to the angler and determined that he was safe and well and the lifeboat and crew returned to station at 8.29pm.
Boat crew: Richard Boss, Will Burton, Dave Matthews, Paul Wright
Shore crew: Matt Slader, Marcus Hughes, Ben Mitson, Ray Lales-Allen, Anna Winston

Sunday October 8th 16:30
Report of three ladies in the water

Two lifeboat crew members were alerted to a dinghy near the visitors pontoon that had overturned near the visitors pontoon throwing three ladies into the water, but the three casualties managed to get shore ok before the Coastguard had been alerted and the lifeboat 'paged' to rescue them - the lifeboat was duly launched and recovered the dinghy and checked for any debris etc.
Boat crew: Giles Squirrell, James Cassidy, James Crawford, Andy Case
Shore crew: Matt Slader, Ben Mitson, Simon Dorey


Saturday September 23 14:10
Small yacht stuck in river mouth

The Teignmouth lifeboat launched to the aid of a small cruiser/yacht aground in the river entrance - upon arrival on scene it beacame obvious that the owner was unwell and he was put ashore on Shaldon beach - the casualty vessel was towed and tied up to the visitors pontoon in Teignmouth.
Boat crew: Adam Truhol, Humphrey Vince, Rob Larkman, Sean Bradford
Shore crew: Dave Matthews, Peter Renouf, Stuart Eames, Mark Annal


Monday September 18th 19:00
Search for possible injured climber

A search was made near Long Quarry at the request of HM Coastguard who had received a report from someone at Labrador Bay who thought they say a rock climber fall near Flagstaff Point - nothing untoward was found, and the call out was treated as a 'false alarm with good intent'.


Sunday September 17th 11:48
Boat hits rocks off the Ness

The volunteer crew received the launch request at 11.48am to attend to a stricken vessel that had become grounded on Ness rocks whilst going out to sea. A person was in the water trying to hold off the boat from the rocks and when the crew arrived at 11.58am they found another vessel trying to pull on the casualty vessels stern to free her from the rocks. The lifeboat crew took over the situation and pulled the person in the water aboard The Two Anne's Teignmouth lifeboat and took the stricken vessel on tow to Polly Steps in Teignmouth.
Boat crew: Humphrey Vince, Dave Matthews, Andy Case, Mark Barrett
Shore crew: Pete Renouf, Matt Slader, Greg Allen, Sean Bromfield

Sunday September 10th 13:30
Requested by the Coastguard to tow in to the Visitor Pontoon Teignmouth, a 24ft yacht with 2 persons on board from about 1.5m east of Teignmouth that was in difficulties
Boat Crew: Paul Wright, Pete Shillabeer, Neil Cripps, James Stoyle,
Shore Crew: Peter Renouf (Tractor), Ben Mitson, Mark Barratt, Sean Bromfield

Sunday September 3rd 16:25hrs
A train passenger alerted the Coastguard to a swimmer apparently in difficulties off Coryton Cove - the Coastguard team recovered the casualty before the lifeboat was on scene, and the lifeboat was stood down at 16:44
Boat Crew: Will Burton, Rob Larkmen, Dave Matthews, Neil Cripps
Shore crew: Peter Renouf (Tractor), Matt Slader, Ben Mitson, Sean Bromfield



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The newspaper said it all :

‘ Hundreds of brave people took a chilly dip in the sea at Teignmouth on Boxing Day in a bid to burn off all the food eaten over the festive period and raise funds for the RNLI - attracting a large crowd of onlookers estimated to be around 2,000 strong including six coach loads of visitors’.

It was spectacular entertainment and great fun - so thank you to those participating and supporting our event and well done to you all for helping us to raise much needed money.

The event raised over £3780 on the day from registration, bucket collection and sales – and with luck this total will swell to over £5,000 when more sponsorships come in.

The event could not take place without the volunteers, including the Crew, so we owe an enormous thanks to you also for helping to make it such a success and for giving up your valuable time on the day and in the pre-planning.

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Teignmouth RNLI Fundraising Team




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