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Services 2016   - 16 Launches, 38 persons assisted.

2015 - 38 Launches  34 persons assisted

Weather and Tides



June 6th 2016 06:21
Search for missing person
HMCG requested the assistance of the Teignmouth lifeboat to look for a missing person between Watcombe and Babbacombe - nothing untoward was found; the missing person was found near 'The Cary Arms'PH at Babbacombe.


May 24th 2016 19:46
Search for missing person
The local coastguard requested the Teignmouth lifeboat to assist in a search for a missing person in the Oddicombe and Watcombe area - nothing untoward was found


May 7th 2016 18:12hrs
The Teignmouth lifeboat was tasked by HM Coastguard to attend a 'dive-boat' that was suffering from a mechanical problem. The 10m 'dive-boat' was taken in tow to Fish Quay Teignmouth and the 12 adults were put ashore unharmed.


April 20th 2016 14:10
Yacht in distress
HM Coastguard requested the launch of the Teignmouth lifeboat following a report that a 28ft yacht was very close to the Ness with apparent steerage difficulties. The sea was very rough and the lifeboat took the yacht in tow and called for the Exmouth ALB to assist. Exmouth ALB was also unable because of the sea and wind conditions to tow the casualty yacht into either Exmouth or Teignmouth and the yacht was taken towards Torbay. The yacht owner was brought into Teignmouth aboard the lifeboat and accompanied to the railway station to be re-united with his vessel in Torbay...


April 17th 2016 15:23
Children cut-off by tide
HM Coastguard requested the launch of Teignmouth lifeboat to help with eighteen children cut-off by the tide near the Devils Chair at Oddicombe - the children were attempting to climb the rock face when the alarm was raised. All the children were successfully recovered into the lifeboat and taken to the slipway at Oddicombe beach.



April 12th 2016 18:57
HMCG reported a 23ft leisure boat in difficulties with two adult males on board off Teignmouth with low batteries and a failing radio. The lifeboat was able to locate the casualty boat and provided a tow back to her mooring in Teignmouth. The lifeboat returned to station at 20:00hrs


April 7th 2016 19:40
Small boat and occupant cut-off by rising tide
A boat occupant found themselves cut-off by the tide up the river on the north bank. It was almost high water when a boat occupant found themselves floating in the river unable to reach the bank - the boat was towed ashore with no injuries.


April 4th 2016 19:15
Object spotted behind open leisure boat
A search in conjunction with the local Coastguard revealed nothing untoward in the water and the lifeboat returned to station at 19:30hrs


March 13th 2016 14:29
Over-turned boat on Teignmouth Bar
A member of the public reported to the lifeboat station on seeing a boat overturn with two persons on board near the Bar. The lifeboat was launched and found an upside-down 3m inflatable dinghy with two persons in the water. The casualties were recovered into the lifeboat and brought back to the lifeboat station where they were warmed up and given a recommendation that they seek medical advice...


March 4th 2016 13:53
Broken-down open boat
The lifeboat was launched to a report of a 13ft open boat with two persons on board, broken down about 5 miles east of Teignmouth. The vessel was located at 14:41 with its hull heavy with water and was taken in tow and reached Teignmouth at approx 15:35


January 14th 2016 17:35
Missing Person
Launched to investigate a report of a body in the water which transpired to be a tree section.


January 13th 2016 09:15
Missing Person
Launched as a continuation from the previous launch, but very rough seas curtailed the search and the Torbay all-weather lifeboat took over duties.


January 12th 2016 18:55
Missing Person
Launched after a request from the Police and Coastguard to search for a missing person near Ansteys Cove Babbacombe.


January 11th 2016 13:30
Missing rock climber
At the request of HMCG the lifeboat 'The Two Annes' B809 was launched to investigate a report of a possible missing rock climber. A member of the public was concerned over finding a camera with no apparent owner close-by. It transpired that the launch and subsequent search was in vain but carried out with good intent.


January 9th 2016 13:38
Dog recovered
Teignmouth lifeboat was requested to launch by HMCG to recover a dog swept out to sea near the Carey Arms Public House. It was feared that the dog's owners may try and enter the sea themselves to initiate a rescue attempt. On the lifeboat's arrival the dog was seen on the rocks on the cliff-side. One of the crew swam ashore and befriended the dog and attached a line allowing the crew in the boat to pull the dog to the lifeboat. The uninjured dog was then reunited with owners at Babbacombe Pier.


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January 5th 2016
The local police requested HMCG to request the two Teignmouth lifeboats to be launched in an effort to trace a gentleman to was on the phone to them. The gentleman was located by the police and the boats returned to station.






The RNLI Family Fun Day on the Den on Saturday 18 June 2016 raised the fantastic sum of £2522.75 made up as follows:

£387.10  Games
£230.50  Book stall
£351.00  Craft stall
£120.00  Toys & Pastimes stall
£305.45  RNLI Souvenirs stall
£206.30  Bric-a-brac stall
£300.40  Collectables & Jewellery stall
£437.80  Refreshments & Home Made Cakes stall
  £60.24  Collecting Box at Music point
  £23.96  Collecting Box at PWC (Ski Jet) static display
  £40.00  Gratuities from invited charities stalls
  £60.00  Gratuity from Bouncy Castle proprietor

£2522.75  Total

Thank you to all volunteers taking part including those running the stalls and making the cakes and crafts, members of the Lifeboat crew and Lifeguards who assisted with setting up gazebos, to the popular 'Foot Tappers' and the lovely 'Chordettes' who provided entertainment, and to the public and supporters who came and visited us on the day.




It has been a most busy and successful Bank Holiday weekend for the Teignmouth RNLI Fundraising Team raising the magnificent total of £3177.72 made up as follows:

Boat Jumble RNLI Stalls & Gate Collection (by courtesy of Compass Events Dartmouth) at Newton Abbot Racecourse on Saturday 28 May:

£1318.40  Boat Jumble stall
  £220.00  Collection at the Gate
  £108.00  RNLI Souvenir stall

£1646.40  Total

RNLI Coffee Morning at TAAG Arts & Community Centre Teignmouth on Saturday 28 May:

  £71.00  Book stall
  £31.20  Craft stall 1
  £45.00  Craft stall 2
  £29.95  RNLI Souvenirs stall
£121.50  Refreshments & Home Made Cakes
£264.04  Bric-a-brac stall
  £36.60  Raffle
£168.40  Collectables & Jewellery stall

£767.69  Total

RNLI Stalls at 'Dawlish Celebrates' event on the Lawn on Bank Holiday Monday 30 May:

£208.30 RNLI Souvenir stall
£167.50  Bric-a-brac stall
£185.40  Book stall
£202.43  Collectables & Jewellery stall

£763.63  Total

£3177.72  Grand total

Thank you and well done to all volunteers taking part in the events and preparations for them, and to the public for supporting us as always, and for donating craftwork, boat jumble and other saleable items.


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Always Wanted
Good pictures, collectable items, jewellery,
bric-a-brac, boat jumble,
raffle & tombola prizes

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