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Services 2015   - 29 Launches &
32 persons assisted

2014 - 53 Launches  32 persons assisted

Weather and Tides


September 2015

Rough Weather


Monday September 28th 09:29
Damaged boat on beach

HM Coastguard requested the help of the Teignmouth lifeboat after a report from a fisherman of the damaged vessel. The lifeboat and its volunteer crew inspected the stricken vessel, and because of the weather and sea conditions the damaged speedboat was left in place for its recovery by the Coastguards and Harbour authorities.  More detail

Saturday September 26th 15:47
Teignmouth Lifeboat Rescues Seven People from Speedboat

HM Coastguard requested the assistance of the Teignmouth lifeboat - The Two Annes to rescue seven people from a speedboat that had broken down 500m off Maidencombe. The 18ft speedboat had five adults and two children on board, none of whom were injured as it was drifting in an easterly breeze. Upon arrival, the crew took five people ashore and the two remaining adults remained on board while the speedboat was towed back to its mooring in the River Teign.   More detail


Sunday September 6th 14:33
Cliff fall & dog incident reported by 999 call to HM Coastguard

The Teignmouth lifeboat was requested by Solent Coastguard to investigate a possible incident of a cliff fall. The mobile phone call was cut short, but was traced to near Ansteys Cove. Further information confirmed the incident as involving a dog only which swam ashore uninjured. More detail


Saturday September 5th 18:00
Airbed reported drifting out to sea

Teignmouth lifeboat was launched to a report of an airbed with two persons on board, drifting out to sea near Babbacombe. A sea search of the area was conducted with nothing untoward sighted. A member of the crew went ashore and was assured that the inflatable came ashore near Oddicombe. More detail


Thursday August 27th 18:48
Broken down boat in river mouth

An 18ft motor boat with engine failure was towed back to its mooring on the Salty from the river mouth. The two anglers on board had raised the alarm by mobile phone as they perceived they were drifting towards the Ness rocks. More detail


Wednesday August 18th 21:07
Boats adrift in River Teign

A lone sailor working on his yacht suddenly realised that his mooring line had failed. He and the yacht drifted towards another vessel breaking that mooring line - at this stage HM Coastguard were alerted and they tasked he Teignmouth lifeboat to give assistance. The lifeboat and its volunteer crew returned all the involved vessels to their moorings and made their lines safe. The gentleman sailor involved who was unhurt was safely put ashore.   More detail


Saturday August 15th 19:52
Medical Evacuation from Shell Cove

The lifeboat was launched after a request from HM Coastguard to assist with a medical evacuation of a casualty with an injured knee, from Shell Cove, Dawlish to the Dawlish breakwater. The casualty was met at the breakwater by Paramedics and the local HM Coastguard team.  More detail


Wednesday August 12th 18:26
Walkers cut-off by the tide

Two walkers became stranded on the Templar's Way up the River Teign opposite Kingsteignton - although calling for help by mobile phone, they managed to climb the shingle bank and cliff, to the safety of a field. The lifeboat returned to station without incident.    More detail



Thursday August 6th 21:23
Investigated report of persons cut-off by the tide

Launched to Shell Cove, Dawlish to investigate a report of persons cut-off by the tide. On arrival it transpired that all on the beach were safe and well - and enjoying a barbecue! HM Coastguard also arrived to investigate and as there were no persons at risk, the lifeboat returned to station. More detail


Thursday July 30th 15:07
Broken-down jet ski

The Teignmouth lifeboat was launched to assist a jet-ski with a fouled impeller. The jet-ski driver was taken onboard the lifeboat and the jet ski was towed to Gales Hill to be recovered. More detail

Sunday July 26th 12:56
Report of small vessel seen in adverse conditions

A member of the public shared his concern with a boathouse attendant on seeing a 20ft open boat with two persons on board leave the river entrance and go to sea in poor conditions. Local boats were checked and the local Coastwatch observation tower reported no vessels with such a description passing them. It was decided to carry out a coastal search in a southerly area from the station, but nothing untoward was found.   More detail


Saturday July 18th 18:37
Assistance given to Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade were fighting a fire near Oddicombe Beach and needed some help in recovering a pump from the beach as the tide came in. The pump and some hoses were recovered into the lifeboat and passed onto the Fire Brigade before damage by the rising seawater. More detail


Saturday July 18th 16:45
Crew assembled after a report of children floating in inflatable
toy off Dawlish beach

The crew assembled in response to a 999 call reporting children in difficulties, but were stood down before launching as children made their own way to the beach.  More detail


Tuesday June 30th 13:22
Swamped speedboat

The RNLI Teignmouth Atlantic lifeboat (The Two Annes) was tasked by HM Coastguard to assist the RNLI Lifeguards with a semi-sunken speedboat in the mouth of the River Teign estuary with two persons aboard. At the time there was a 1.5 to 2.0m swell running which had filled the stern of the speedboat and resulted in the speedboat sinking stern first. One of the casualty crew complained of neck and back injuries and was put on a spinal stretcher and brought ashore by the lifeguards and transferred by ambulance to hospital.

The speedboat was then recovered by the volunteer lifeboat and towed to Gales Hill where the seawater was pumped out by the lifeboat crew; the remaining casualty was given advice by HM Coastguard as to sea safety.
More detail


Wednesday June 24th 10:27
Both lifeboats launched in search for vulnerable female

The Atlantic 85 lifeboat (The Two Annes) and the Arancia lifeboat were both launched in a search for a missing female between the harbour and Shaldon Bridge. After approx 1.25 hrs the search was stood down when the missing female was found safe and well at her home. More detail


Thursday June 18th 15:48
Beach walker cut off by the tide

The male beach walker was just north of the Parson & Clerk headland, and had suffered an injured ankle - fearing the incoming tide had taken refuge on a vertical ladder on the railway wall. The Teignmouth lifeboat 'The Two Annes' and its volunteer crew recovered the gentleman and took him to the Dawlish Jetty where paramedics were waiting with members of the Coastguard.   More detail


Monday June 15th 22:48
Two lucky adults plucked from the river entrance

A member of the public alerted HM Coastguard to a small inflatable dinghy with two onboard drifting out of the river. A line from the dinghy had fouled their propeller and without any oars or other means of propulsion, they were quickly being taken by the tide and the wind out to sea. The two dinghy occupants were taken to Gales Hill to be met by members of the Teignmouth Coastguard team.  More detail


Saturday June 6th 15:06
Vessel taking on water off Babbacombe, with two aboard

HM Coastguard requested the Teignmouth lifeboat and its volunteer crew to go to the aid of an 8.5m motorboat with two adults on board that was taking on water. Upon arrival at the casualty vessel near Babbacombe a salvage pump was put on board and the vessel was towed to Torquay.   More detail


Thursday May 28th 16:55
Several 999 calls about swimmer snorkelling alongside hi
s rib

A swimmer alongside his rib near the Teignmouth Pier was the subject of several 999 calls to HM Coastguard. It appeared the the outboard engine on the rib would not restart and the swimmer mistakenly thought that he could enter the rivermouth guiding the rib himself. The lifeboat took the rib under tow and her volunteer crew persuaded the swimmer to have a ride into the harbour also. The rib and owner were deposited at Gales Hill where members of HM Coastguard were waiting with safety advice. More detail








Bishopsteignton Coffee Morning

Bovey T Coffee


"Hi there 
Just wanted to say what a lovely start to our holiday the day at Ugbrooke was recently. Thank you to all of the volunteers, we loved our tea and cake at the orangery (compliments to the maker of the delicious coffee and walnut cake..... I need the recipe!!) and great fun with the Morris Dancing.

Loved the stalls and bought far too much!! 
Thank you so much
If it's an annual event, we hope to be in Devon when you do that day again! 

Kind regards 
Sarah Matthews







Coffee Morning & Sale – TAAG Northumberland Place till 1pm




Coffee Morning & Sale at Bishopsteignton Village Hall till 12.30pm

10 Saturday Morrisons Teignmouth Store Collection Day




Coffee Morning & stalls - Bovey Tracey Methodist Hall till 12.30pm




Committee Meeting – Yacht Club




Coffee Morning & Sale – TAAG Northumberland Place till 1pm




Souvenirs – Cards & Calendars Sale at Bovey Tracey Methodist Hall till 12noon Host Charity – Cats Protection Society




Souvenirs – Cards & Calendars Sale at RNLI Coffee Morning at Endacott House Chagford till 12noon





Booksale at TAAG Northumberland Place till 4pm

1000 Coffee Morning & Christmas Card Sale – Methodist Hall Shaldon




Christmas Coffee Morning & Sale – TAAG Northumberland Place till 1pm




Committee Meeting – Yacht Club




Volunteers Social Evening – Richard Newton Hall 





Christmas Coffee Morning & Sale – TAAG Northumberland Place till 1pm 




RNLI Christmas Carol service - St. Michael's Church




Committee Meeting – Yacht Club (suggested)




Boxing Day - Walk in the Sea – 10.00 Registration commences - 10.45 Judging – 11.00 Walk in Sea


Autumn Newsletter

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Fundraising Team Events
See also Fundraising Team Diary

Teignmouth RNLI Fundraising Team


Funds raised at the RNLI Fete on the Lawn at Dawlish on Thursday 10 September 2015 (re-scheduled from a date in August cancelled because of bad weather) amounted to £729.15


Funds raised at the Open Day for the RNLI at Jason's Garden Teignmouth on Saturday 22 August 2015 amounted to £1222.05 made up as follows:

£710.00  Entrance at Gate (including impromptu donations) 
£409.50  Refreshments & Home Made cakes stall
  £39.00  Collectable's stall
  £63.55  RNLI Souvenirs stall

£1222.05  Total

Thank you to Nev and Alan Pope and family for allowing us to open this wonderful place to the public for the day and raise funds for the RNLI and to Alan Furse and the Estuary Bells Handbells who provided such appropriate entertainment.
Thank you to the public who supported us and also as always thank you and well done to the volunteers who took part.


Funds raised at the Lifeguards Fete on Tuesday 18 August 2015 totaled £828.65

£159.00  Souvenir stall
£154.10  Book stall
£152.20  Bric a brac stall
£153.35  Jewellery & Collectable's stall
£100.00  Gratuity from Bouncy Castle proprietor
  £30.00  Gratuity from Donkey Ride proprietor
  £80.00  Site fees paid by eight invited charities

We all had a great day at the RNLI Ugbrooke Open Garden & Fete with an estimated public attendance of approximately 500 people including about 100 children who were all admitted free of charge. 

£1172.00  Admission at the gate
  £869.80  Refreshments & Home made cakes
  £138.65  Collectable's & Jewellery stall
  £114.30  Bric a brac stall
  £119.80  Games stall
  £141.00  Craft stall
  £157.50  Book stall
  £304.85  Souvenir stall

£3017.90  Total

Our thanks go to the Honourable Mr Alexander Clifford who allowed the RNLI to use the grounds of Ugbrooke House for the event, to the three 'sides' of Morris Dancers who provided entertainment, to the hardworking RNLI volunteers who organised the event, manned the gate, the stalls, served refreshments to the endless queue in the Orangey, and to the cake makers who made such amazing cakes, and of course to the public who came to support us and made the event such a success.


Open Weekend Fundraising...

£122.50  Refreshments & Home made cakes on the Saturday
£376.00  Refreshments & Home made cakes on the Sunday
£652.59  Seafront Bucket Collection during Rescue Demonstrations
  £91.02  Face to Face bucket
£248.60  Games stall
£114.40  'Find a Tenner' Pegboard game
  £77.50  Launching Lifeboat amusement
  £48.15  Coconut shy & 'Bash the Rat' games
£149.60  Craft stall
£172.50  Book stall
£149.40  Collectable's & Jewellery stall
£173.70  Bric a brac stall

£2375.96  Total

In addition to the above the Lifeboat Souvenir Shop had two good days taking £395.60 on the Saturday and £493.50 on the Sunday making a grand total of £3265.06.

Well Done to all! This includes the Crew of our own and the Torbay Lifeboat, the Royal Navy Helicopter and our own Lifeguards who together carried out the amazing rescue demonstrations, the Fundraising Team and the generous public who came along to support us on the day. 


Funds raised for the RNLI at our Stalls on the Den on Tuesday 21 July 2015 amounted to £497.40 and at our Coffee Morning at TAAG Teignmouth on Saturday 25 July to £597.87
£195 raised by crewman James Stoyle on a RNLI sponsored bike ride

Funds raised at the RNLI Family Fun Day at Cliffden on Sunday 12 July totaled £977.90

Funds raised for the RNLI at our Lifeguards Fete on the Lawn at Dawlish on Saturday 11 July 2015 amounted to £975.33



Always Wanted
Good pictures, collectable items, jewellery,
bric-a-brac, boat jumble,
raffle & tombola prizes

We can collect - ring Roger on 01626 777799

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