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Lifeboat Services - 2014 
47 Launches  30 persons assisted

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48 Launches       56 persons assisted

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Sunday November 23rd 03:27
Medivac of injured male
HM Coastguard requested the help of the Teignmouth lifeboat to transfer an injured male from Sprey Point to the lifeboat station. The casualty had fallen approx 20ft from the seawall onto the beach - the ambulance was unable to reach the incident, but the paramedics were able to walk along the seawall and beach and assess the injured man. The decision was taken to transfer the casualty on a stretcher to the lifeboat station where access to an ambulance was straightforward.
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Monday October 27th 15:15
Vehicle reported in the river

HM Coastguard tasked the two Teignmouth lifeboats to a report of a vehicle in the river near Coombe Cellars. Prior to the arrival of both lifeboats the the person and vehicle were recovered by a local auxiliary coastguard team and the police.   More information

Saturday October 18th 12:54
Search for possible suicide attempt

HM Coastguard requested a launch by the Teignmouth Atlantic 85 lifeboat to help search for a possible suicide attempt near Dawlish. A search was carried out in conjunction with the Police and local auxiliary coastguard units, but nothing untoward was found. The lifeboat returned to station after completing various search patterns over a 75 minute duration.    More information


Tuesday October 14th 19:34
Successful search by the Teignmouth Arancia lifeboat

An 80 year old man reported 'missing' by his carer resulted in both Teignmouth lifeboats searching the coastline and River Teign bank side. Approx 20 minutes into the search the Arancia lifeboat located the gentleman on the river edge. The gentleman was recovered into the lifeboat and taken to the lifeboat station, where a hot drink was provided - a policeman then took the gentleman back to his home.

This service by the smaller lifeboat (the Arancia A-67 'Malcolm Hawkesford 1) highlights the value of having two lifeboats at Teignmouth - the Arancia was able to search the very shallow river side, where the Atlantic 85 would not have been able to venture because of her greater draught.
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Thursday October 9th 07:09
Concern at possible occupants of small yacht stuck under Shaldon Bridge

Shout Oct9

Following a request from Brixham Coastguard, the Teignmouth Atlantic 85 lifeboat (The Two Annes) was launched to investigate a 22ft yacht stuck under the Shaldon to Teignmouth road bridge. It appears that the yacht had come loose from its mooring during the very high spring tide - no one was found on board and there was no sign of recent on board activity. The yacht was towed to Polly Steps and moored to a vacant mooring with the boat owner being requested to move it as soon as possible.   More information



Friday September 26th 15:13
Missing Diver Concern

The Teignmouth lifeboat - The Two Annes - was launched at the request of Brixham Coastguard to a report of a vessel in Ansteys Cove where the occupant was trying to attract attention. The lifeboat with volunteer crew arrived at the reported incident area where nothing was found. After a brief search a vessel was located with one person on board near Black Head and he identified himself as the boat the lifeboat was searching for.
This person was engaged in diving for scallops and his colleague was missing - but a local vessel then reported over the radio that they had recovered a diver from the water in a tideway leading to Thatcher Rock.
The lifeboat recovered the missing diver from the local boat and returned him to his colleague moored near Black Head. It then transpired that the diver's boat engine would not restart, so the now casualty (divers) boat was towed to Torquay harbour.
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Thursday September 18th 12:04
Swimmer reported in difficulties

A passenger on a train near Dawlish reported to HM Coastguard, Brixham that a swimmer appeared in difficulty close to the shore. An auxiliary coastguard team was dispatched to investigate and witnesses said that the swimmer had self-recovered and left the beach - the lifeboat was stood down.
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Saturday September 13th 16:46
Walker suffers leg injury

Both Teignmouth lifeboats were launched to assist a walker with a leg injury on the towpath of the upper reaches to the River Teign. The Arancia lifeboat (Malcolm Hawkesford 1) was comfortably able to negotiate these shallow waters, whilst the Atlantic 85 (The Two Annes) remained in the deeper water relaying radio traffic to and from from HM Coastguard to the Arancia.
When the lifeboats arrived on scene paramedics were treating the lady, but they were unable to recover her to the ambulance because of the difficult terrain - the casualty was then put into the Arancia and floated up to Newton Abbot Town Quay where the ambulance had good access.
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